Clashes among armed forces at Sudan sit-in.

Elements of Sudan’s military have acted to protect protesters in Khartoum after security forces fired tear gas to break up a mass sit-in.

Soldiers tried to chase away pick-up trucks firing tear gas, on the second night of a sit-in protest calling for President Omar al-Bashir to resign.

Protesters sought shelter in a navy facility as tension among the armed forces was laid bare.

Mr Bashir has refused demands to make way for a transitional government.

The sit-in is taking place outside the army HQ and Agence France-Presse quotes said army has now deployed troops around the building and is erecting barricades in streets near the compound. Information Minister Hassan Ismail said the protesters in front of the HQ have been “cleared completely” and the security apparatus was “coherent and working with positive energy and in harmony.

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